Mission Earth First is about linking underground space and outer space from the understanding that Earth counts and must come first!

Mission Earth First is hosting a series of webinars on the topic of innovation, inspiration and demonstration of underground spaces. Please view our past webinars here and see what we have planned going forward.


“Innovation, inspiration, and demonstration of underground spaces”

Celebrating 50 years of underground space development and research

Looking forward to the NXT 50 years

Creating a unique environment for systemic change

Taking part in the HAGERBACH NXT 50 series of webinars will broaden your understanding of the role of underground spaces in helping humankind sustainably develop on this planet and eventually future planets.

Hagerbach NXT50 Festival

June 18, 2021, from 9.30-10.00 CET (Main Stage) "Mission Earth First - Launch celebration at Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival" Earth’s survival is priority number one, and that’s why Mission Earth First connects underground space with outer space, going beyond the obvious and promoting the planning of sustainable underground spaces. The festival will be the symbolic launch of Mission Earth First.

Live on stage: Antonia Cornaro, Expert Underground Space at Amberg Engineering, Co-chair ITACUS Rudolf Hilti, Founder & Chair of The System Change Foundation | THE HUS | World Systemic Forum Klaus Wachter, Managing Director SCAUT - Swiss Center of Applied Underground Technologies Michael Kompatscher, CEO Hagerbach Test Gallery / Host Hagerbach NXT 50 Festival Marcela Ruppli, Owner / Managing Director at Cressentia Ltd & Artist

June 18, 2021, from 15.30-16.15 CET (Live-Stream) " VISION HAGERBACH NXT 50 - Because earth counts! " Live-Stream out of the Hagerbach Test Gallery. ETH Master students of Antonia Cornaro's (Amberg Engineering expert underground spaces and ITACUS co-host) lecture on the planning of underground space present award-winning concepts for SELF SUSTAINING COMMUNITIES - which could be implemented in Hagerbach - as preparation for life on Mars or other planets. What kind of visions did the students develop? How do you plan for food, light, air, water, energy and important raw materials? Find out more about these visionary concepts!


Antonia Cornaro, Expert Underground Space at Amberg Engineering, Co-chair ITACUS Rudolf Hilti, Founder & Chair of The System Change Foundation | THE HUS | World Systemic Forum

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Webinar "How cool is underground space?" 25.9.2020

In this first webinar we will explore how Hagerbach Test Gallery has developed into what it is. We will unveil Mission Earth First as a new and exciting collaboration. Students from ETH Zürich who took part in the ‘Hagerbach Challenge’ will present their winning concepts for inspiration, innovation and demonstration of undergroundspaces. We will engage with the webinar participants and start with a creative dialogue that will continue into next year when Mission Earth First will be launched.

Webinar "Moving beyond the obvious" 11.11.2020

We will explore how we can move beyond the obvious. Mission Earth First is seeking to do just that. Moving beyond the obvious requires more than just "out-of-the-box" thinking. It requires systemic change. This is what we will be exploring with our partner THE HUS.institute. Another way in which we will try to move beyond the obvious is by exploring the concept of "underground liveability". We will also hear from architectural students of the University of Liechtenstein who have been actively looking into developing concepts for a "Mars Hotel". In short, expect to be challenged by this webinar as we invite you to participate actively and move with us beyond the obvious.

Webinar "Demonstrating Underground Spaces" 6.3.2021

In this webinar, we focus on the real estate at Hagerbach. We want people to really experience what is available and how exciting the development and use of underground spaces is. Hagerbach will be presented as an active environment, interesting venue, and the home of Mission Earth First and its partners. The audience will be invited to participate via polling and Q&A.

Webinar "Planning for Sustainable Underground Spaces" 21.4.2021

In this webinar, we will be exploring how ITACUS is working on an urban underground future. The ITACUS co-chairs Han Admiraal (Enprodes Management Consultancy) and Antonia Cornaro (Amberg Engineering) will be co-hosting this webinar and will be joined by ITACUS Steering Board members.


HAGERBACH NXT 50 celebrates the 50th anniversary of this unique underground facility.

Mission Earth First is a new initiative that will shape the NXT 50 years of Hagerbach.